About the Center

The Specialized Medical Care Center (SMCC) takes pride in providing high-quality medical services which are highly regarded across the region and measure up to the world’s largest medical institutions. To achieve its role, SMCC is supported with the latest equipment, research facilities and laboratories, as well as a highly skilled team of doctors and specialists. Our medical team of resident physicians and international surgeons are highly valued for their competencies by esteemed health care institutions.

In addition to its highly appreciated medical contributions, SMCC offers top-class medical services comparable with a hotel to suit the needs of our patients, ensure full privacy and provide a comfortable and calm environment that accelerates healing. We also have a highly trained nursing team to facilitate the medical process and ensure your full satisfaction.

SMCC’s specialized clinics cover a wide range of medical specializations including general medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, dermatology, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, plastic surgery, physiotherapy, in addition to a radiology center and a laboratory.


The role of the Specialized Medical Care Center (SMCC) is based on a firm belief that human beings are the primary focus in the development process; therefore, humans’ health and safety represent SMCC’s major objectives which it endeavors to achieve. To this end, SMCC uses the most advanced technical methods along with a group of competent experts to achieve these objectives.

SMCC is one of the subsidiaries of the Medical Care Company, one of the largest companies with great contributions in the medical field throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company always strives to provide high quality medical services through its medical subsidiaries with the goal of reaching a healthy society free of disease.