The General Medical Clinic

The General Medical Clinic provides a preliminary medical examination through which a patient’s body is investigated for symptoms and is treated for common diseases, as well as short-term illness. Otherwise, the patient is referred to a specialist after the examination results necessitates such action. One of the conditions that is essential to our general practitioners’ competency is their ability to follow up the latest medical treatment updates and scientific developments through continuous training and attending medical seminars in order to properly perform the tasks assigned to them, mainly including their knowledge of different diseases experienced by patients. The clinic offers many services including the following: A preliminary medical examination for signs of common diseases and their treatment, or referral to a specialist; Provide preventive medical services to patients; Follow up some chronic diseases such as blood pressure disorder, diabetes, asthma, and maintain them at a safe level; Follow up screening and diagnostic laboratory tests required for patients; Early detection of serious diseases through a regular taking of the medical history of patients.