The Laboratory

The Specialized Medical Care Center (SMCC) laboratory has a distinguished team of trained and highly qualified specialists. The laboratory is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a high level of accuracy and enhance the possibilities to reach a correct diagnosis of the patient’s condition. The laboratory constitutes SMCC’s focal point since it serves all medical specialties within it. The significant tests offered by the laboratory include:


  • Organ Function Blood Tests such as Liver Function Tests (LFTs) and Kidney Function Tests (KFT).
  • Chemistry panels: such as cholesterol, triglycerides test, diabetes tests and Screening for vitamin D deficiency.
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC).
  • Pre-marital examinations.
  • DNA Test to predict Genetic Predisposition for genetic disorders and autoimmune diseases
  • Parasitology (gastrointestinal) tests.
  • Hormone tests: All hormone tests are available.