The Physiotherapy Clinic

The Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy Clinic specializes in maintaining a normal body movement free of pain, as well as enhancing the functional capabilities of the body across all stages of life. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and improving the quality of life and mobility covering the areas of prevention, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation for people whose movement is affected by age, injury, inherited or acquired infections or diseases. The contributions of physiotherapy are not only limited to Geriatric Disorders, diseases of old age and injuries, however, many medical specialties work in partnership with physiotherapy to complete the healing process and ensure its success. The most important functions of physiotherapy are represented in rehabilitation of the following: Muscular system disorders: such as muscle atrophy, muscle weakness and muscle strain; Bone diseases and sports injuries: such as knee ligament sprains, tears and injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL); Nervous system disorders: such as all types of paralysis, Disk herniation and spine disorders; Rheumatic diseases: such as rheumatoid and osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease); Urological and reproductive system diseases: such as urinary incontinence resulting from weakness of the muscle activity; Rehabilitation after open heart surgery.